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tv   [untitled]    June 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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welcome back here with r.t. and live from moscow with a recap our top stories now. nato airstrikes sweep through the libyan capital as the alliance intensifies his attacks on the regime the tripoli bombings come as a russian a peace envoy visits the country in the latest attempt to encourage the rival sides to hold talks. the i.m.f. throws egypt a three billion dollar bailout but british fear of the it will only line the
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pockets of the former president's protege to continue to run the country some observers suspect the west is trying to bribe big shots in cairo and retain some form of influence over. america's unemployment rate has a risen back over nine percent leaving college graduates learning some hard lessons about life just by investing in thousands of dollars in their own education or just one in five students will find. the next selling kidneys for i pads and a saudi arabia's nuclear ambitions all part of next kaiser's bob look at the business world that's next right here on out c. max keiser welcome back to the kaiser report became track of all the banking terrorists and rapists hey let's talk to stacy ever say he was going to write skies or the first headline actually has you in it. super bug goes viral with
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marketing war max kaiser has become a fringe media star thanks to the web well guerrilla they go on to talk about the guerrilla warfare you know that's why america lost vietnam isn't because of the french viet cong. well they're talking about the crash j.p. morgan by silver campaign and it's interesting that this campaign has gone viral because it not only saying like protect yourself against inflation and the currency wars that are going on against the population but it's a way to end market manipulation and a corrupt system that we have as the article points out for every dollar you take out of the physical universe of silver you impact are in part one hundred dollars of liability out of the balance sheet of financial terrorist and rapist number one j.p. morgan jamie diamond well let's look at what has happened in the mainstream media what's going on in the mean stream media max yes so here is from c.m.d.
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see the biggest most mainstream of the financial news networks wall street baffled by slowing economy low yields trader so this is c m d c and they're interviewing peter yeah stroud was a market strategist and he says traders are panicked they think there's a great great depression but listen to what he it has how he summarizes what is happening and all the sales and all the interest rate tweaking and all of the counsellor adjustments are actually not going to be able to see the lows that we cannot get across the labor that's along with the rest of the granite and we can't get our productivity wobbles high enough to justify the what he's already doing yes the key phrase there isn't it he says that we need to get global wages in the sink basis right that's right so he wants american wages to come down to four thousand five thousand dollars
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a year about where chinese wages are now that's right that's the whole goal of the global banking system and this is the whole goal of obama in the obama administration is to facilitate global bankers to put in place a system where global wages are at parity so that the you. average income is something like forty thousand that has to get down to four thousand that's a drop of ninety percent before there's any kind of symmetry in the global banking system and of course they want to see parity in all the global banking laws and regulations as well to make things like high frequency trading which goldman sachs does and wall street to steal one hundred million dollars a day more available to their partners in various locations around the world yes but max this is this guy is a banker he's speaking to bankers and see n.b.c. he's being interviewed by fellow bankers and c. and b. c. and know his contempt for it will look what ben bernanke is doing to help us he's cutting rates he's keeping down rates thanks to ben bernanke he says earlier in the
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interview but he is not houdini it's those peasants those people who are taking too much wages even though real wages have declined for the past thirty years in america matched by a rise in real debts by americans who cannot afford to live but also productivity gains in america have been massive over the last thirty years and who has scooped that out none of it has gone back to labor it is all gone to these very same people like peter ya and all of those other bankers on the floor of the stock exchange scooping out all of their wealth with their high frequency trading machines they blame the peasants they blame the peasants and this is wherever in the world you see an occupying aristocracy you see the aristocracy blaming the peasants whether they're blaming the greeks for example oh the shifty greeks don't pay their taxes this is you see the occupying bankers blaming the peasants or you
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see it of course throughout history whenever you've got a strong oligarch in place of course they always blame the peasants in this case the american peasants are being blamed for the american middle ages by the banking occupation well look at this headline from the other side it land from london forget entrepreneurs only banks can create wealth. this is an editorial from deborah or who is quoted as being one of britain's leading social and political commentators she says we must hope the banks become less sick and less mad and realize that to save themselves they must save everyone their market fundamentalists who believe in their god which is mammon and they are the gatekeepers to the mammon and they're saying that only we can allow for you to have access to god of money well ok so this woman says entrepreneur has been said
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so many times over the past thirty years create wealth right this minute the foolish government is sitting around waiting with bated breath for glamorous entrepreneurs to get on with doing just that so why are entrepreneurs being so shy she goes on to say so again thirty years ago as i said in the beginning wages have been coming down all of the productivity gains of income to bankers so what we've had in fact in the last thirty years is not waiting around for entrepreneurs we've had monopolies backed by the force of the government handing all of our wealth creation but over to bankers the entrepreneurs have been neutered yeah exactly so her saying they let's stop sitting around waiting for them and let's have the banks save us the banks are the ones that killed us they're the ones that destroyed us and she doesn't know that to save ourselves we need to save ourselves from the banks right wall this is why the banks have round surrounded
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themselves as cloak of religious. behavior that they're doing god's work they are trying to protect themselves by claiming divine right of kings or that this is how they're trying to escape the retribution well so she's also saying that basically banks can only banks can create wealth because they can print money well let's go back to america and look at this headline. and alison third time's the charm whispers of q e three emerge remember so we're all being indoctrinated that only banks can create wealth so this is reuters asking might the federal reserve extend its bond purchases beyond june what until this week was a pioneer sky notion is suddenly fair game for market speculation well not on this show we've been saying unequivocally that q e three or the equivalent is coming you know just ran out and of course they were let the market go through some kind of crash of some sort to frighten people and sue begging for the next q.e.
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and to totally annihilate their purchasing power and this is the great thing about propaganda and the confidence tricks used by the federal reserve and obama administration is that to get people to actually beg for their own imprisonment that's the trick we said this almost two years ago at q.e. one that there will be q.e. two in q e three in q e four and q e five but they're acting in the mainstream media like that this was considered pioneer sky or are only in a fringe media is what they're saying because the wealth component in the u.s. is tied to consumption you know seventy percent of the g.d.p. is consumption people wages are wealth by how much they consume they never are taken in consideration that one hundred percent or i should say five hundred percent of their consumption is driven by dead accumulation it's a one dollar of debt to generate one dollar of g.d.p. thirty years ago then it got to six or seven dollars of debt to generate one dollar
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g.d.p. just a few years ago and then it hit the debt saturation point and we've been having this colossal total global screw up ever since and in response to the federal reserve has simply injected more fear currency or debt into the system and that's causing ultimately the final solution people are just dying on the reservations and ghettos created by the federal reserve to get rid of this problem now the final two headlines. here go to our group see here everybody says everything is going to be fine in china boy regrets selling his kidney to buy an i pad a seventeen year old student in a province sold one of his kidneys for twenty thousand yuan which is about three thousand dollars only to buy an i pad two now with his health getting worse the boy is feeling regret but it is too late. develop a dialysis app for the i pad to help the poor kid out he sounds crazy right to sell his kidney for three thousand dollars to buy an i pad but why does he need to sell
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his kidney because somebody else probably in america needs a kidney and why did so many americans need kidney transplants well because to save themselves three thousand dollars they eat food that's what it's food like substances that are processed foods that have no nutritional value they cause the mountain tradition that is obesity and they or their kidneys end up exploding like ducks on a flower grass farm and then they need to go buy something because it because they save themselves a few thousand there or they have to spend another few thousand to go have some guy rick with kidney out. of the global economy is that work to become a currency that are swapped by the third world to people who make gadgets in the first world who are dying from kidney failure well max here's the final headline from china china's slowdown starts with a spark now remember the man who set himself on fire in tunisia led to that uprising which has spread throughout the middle east for the well here's jim libin
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a resident of inner mongolia who ran a business empire encompassing supermarkets mining and transport well he just said himself on fire one day in april and burnt to death the reason was because that he had millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars worth of loans but because the government of china is cracking down on inflation the article says that china is using financial to. pools undermine inflation and rather than merely allowing interest rates to rise however i can see they're learning from the banking terrace in america the bank of china has steadily typed into the major banks reserve requirements which now stand at twenty one percent that is effectively made credit more difficult to obtain without disturbing the nominal price of a loan a consequences that well connected borrowers primarily state owned or state controlled companies still can get abundant cheap credit while players on the private market have an increasingly tough time so this guy was paying huge interest
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payments every day because that he was not politically connected just like goldman sachs borrows from the fed at point zero zero one percent well everybody else even the semi connected banks borrow at point five percent and everybody else is at thirty no financial discrimination so connected you know you're going to be paying a lot for the money you borrow and since the entire economy is driven runs on borrowed money and there are no jobs are no manufacturing jobs there's no way to even grow your own food or to have a job to sustain yourself and your family you have to be in debt and so the debt interest is determined by the kleptocrats and the oligarchs as jim crow laws apply to interest rates and like i said about the bankers on c.m.t. see talking there that they were so baffled it's the same thing going on in china they're going to be all these state connected bankers are going to be baffled about all this spontaneous combustion going on who are all these people just spontaneously combusting. so you know back in the plantation days of america the
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plantation owners may say well he was obviously it is so we see them go away you know what's the point of that i mean yeah the slaves are upset because they don't want to be slaves. ok stay sober thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max ok that's going to do it for this part of the show but don't go away much more coming your way. in other. places. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around the world. we've got the future covered.
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i will go back to the guy's report. these wall street scanners that they need more attention what he thinks they server yes max wall street as we said is so powerful that by why the economy is collapsing i thought i had to stay on and give you some more headlines to help them help themselves lovin it well first. part of the reason why there's a death spiral of in the economy of the united states of course is the price of gasoline you know that soaring in oil prices have been soaring so let's look at this headline here max saudi arabia plans to build sixteen nuclear reactors by twenty thirty. now the reason why i point this out is they're spending one hundred billion dollars to build sixteen nuclear power plants that doesn't look good for those who believe that oil is endless but remember we made that film called peaked
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about the whole peak oil phenomenon and we actually went up to the saudi border and we talked to people on the ground in the region they told us that galois are the big oil felicity rabia like bergen in kuwait like cancer al and mexico is in rapid decline so this is proof in my opinion that the saudi oil reserves are plummeting the country is madly scrambling to replace that energy capacity with these with these reactors and if anyone thinks that the supply of oil from this fracking operation going on in texas to see them in texas they found out that well you know all they have to do is do a little fracking by totally destroying the crust of the earth which incidentally and fill me in on the details in another city they were fracking and they cause an earthquake and they shut down right that was in blackpool england cooling when they were doing the fracking they go in there and they fracture of the crust of the earth using hydraulic fracking fluid made out of one. thousand percent carcinogenic
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sludge which they then dump into the water which you then drink to help oh the energy companies saudi arabia is obviously not going to produce be able to produce all that oil that the international energy agency says they're going to end it all is going to be ok exclusive arcadia may have rigged yemen oil exports cable. so the cable is from the u.s. state department and it turns out that oil trading firm arcadia petroleum sued by regulators just last week for allegedly manipulating us oil prices used hardball tactics in yemen to buy the country's oil exports and below market prices until authorities revamped their sales process to break up the trading house's longstanding monopoly so arcadia was using a local agent who was a tribal leader named honeyed arm are these cables from the u.s. state department say that once they had to compete with other competitors that they
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didn't take it lightly first they started reading the process where they were offering like a dollar more per barrel of then the other competitors to drive them and scare them out of the market but the state department cables then cite a highly ranked government officials that says all our own nic arcadia took their fear of competition further and scared away potentially more competitive bidders by threatening to kidnap their representatives i think first of all is one of the category of best practices something called. good zone on the phone that's right in their instruction manual so they threatened all kinds of murder and mayhem if they didn't get their way well the point is is that here are guys who are running our global markets whether it's the high frequency traders or this guy just using old school thug tactics and sort of mafia tactics. that run all of our price discovery
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mechanisms now the classics leg breaking some slaying skull fracturing this is the stuff the price discovery is made out of you know you mentioned arcadia my first thought of course was philip green's company arcadia in the u.k. they own top shops and they're being protested by u.k. uncut for price fixing market manipulation and not paying their taxes so this group of arcadia dame seems to attract a lot of well malfeasance well actually philip green i saw was in the news as well because he's advising david cameron about how to make government more efficient government is run of course on taxpayer dollars so a guy who pays no tax is advising the government on how to spend his taxes is pretty but has a lot of chutzpah. going to the right guy to get advice on how to run a national a guy who doesn't pay any taxes but good ones like i said we have the market makers around the world rigging the markets the prices and refusing and well basically
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using strong arm tactics against any competitors here's another headline analyst goldman too big to face prosecution. market maker goldman sachs apparently won't face criminal prosecution related to sales of mortgage linked securities because such a move could threaten the u.s. financial system according to brad hince an analyst at sanford c. bernstein and company the u.s. department of justice which is reviewing a senate subcommittee report that alleged goldman sachs misled clients before the financial crisis well avoid jeopardizing the fifth largest u.s. bank by assets because it's viewed as too big to fail well there's a suicide banker that's got their hand on the pin of the grenade that will blow themselves up as lloyd blankfein he says you tell me step closer and investigate my claims of terrorism both was going to blow and that's their defense they're saying you can't investigate us because we're psychos were financial terrorists are like
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the boy in the dike and i'm not talking about these villages or i'm talking about the story that came out of you know the ones so here is the wall street guy again these are the people who are baffled by the collapsing economy so here says his quote his letter goes on to say if an alleged violation is identified during a goldman investigation we expect a reasoned response from the justice department or reasoned response is in a worst case environment we would expect it too big to fail banks such as goldman to be offered deferred prosecution agreement pay a significant fine and submit to a federal monitor in lieu of a criminal charge this is what a reasoned response looks like is goldman sachs ok so you call it as we make a book i wish we could close the grotto marches are closed to produce look as though you caught us we broke the law goldman sachs this book alleged we committed fraud oh what you could have taken from us so much is going to cost us we don't feel like i'm going to anyway we got the money from taxpayers we present ourselves
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. i know stock is not zero. value whatsoever. or some target. i'm going to put up a fifty year old no doubt the stock people shock people i don't care i was called golden reply i don't care. i'll take it why only given sri the fullness of my kidney so max. again this is what we're saying people are baffled why the economy is collapsing it's being taken by the too big to fail they've run off with the economy but they're too big to chase too big to shoot it looks pretty much too big to fail there is they made a movie version of the book and they made. paulson was played by bill hurt. hurt who i know he hangs on paris a lot and he told me personally he was ashamed to do this movie but now with
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a leisure a new york times of course gives a glossy spin on this movie sorkin there their little pimp writer i she brought up yeah who wrote the book who glorifies these pimps and he himself is this for a commission model for the new york times so they write this ridiculous treatise meanwhile a book movie like inside job the pews away the layers of the onion and the master through our people what. good people. go. through all of that fringe media max baucus original you'd already only the mainstream media tells you what you don't need to know is good for hamster cage absorbs really well so i guess max we're helping wall street here we've got to stay focused ok next headline australia g.d.p. falls most since one thousand nine hundred one australia's economy shrank in the first quarter by the most in twenty years as floods her exports gross domestic
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product fell one point two percent from the previous three months exports slumped eight point seven percent subtracting two point one percentage points from g.d.p. growth so massive floods climate catastrophes all over the world you have floods in australia you have then the next headline un warns of food riots and developing world as drought pushes up prices and so you. see massive droughts in france france is the biggest producer of wheat in in europe kansas is the biggest producer of wheat in america they're being hit by extreme drought now. so you don't have anything to say that it's want to change and now everyone there's a ten you know thousand centers just like. for people watching the show like oh up clearly a change i better tomorrow person exist there's no such thing as climate church but the over the stark raving mad obvious in my face but i can't possibly bunch of
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because heaven forbid i want to pay for my carbon excrement that i'm into the atmosphere that's right you suck or you're going to have to pay one way or another even if you deny it you're still going to have to pay but also it's going to be because in america in particular the mainstream media and the fringe media won't report on those stories so it's not just wall street that is baffled it's the entire economy the entire population is baffled about who what why and why is you know they think it's speculators oh the speculators destroyed my crops in a way they did because of all the money printing all the while speculation that has driven people to sell their kidneys to buy i pads or consume processed food and consumer consumer consumer consumer and soon growing field competition. again another new york times a long monkey doesn't understand if you flood the money with keynesian stimulus or
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monetary stimulus you kill competition you can't have a competitive capital society if the top one percent can just go down to the fed and give us a trillion dollars for doing nothing and you say oh it's moral hazard is part of the system competition to tell me paul krugman you fricken dishonest intellectual pygmy by me and as everybody says well you know if anything happens if droughts and floods keep on wiping away crops and homes and societies then humor. in ingenuity those entrepreneurs that was talking about will come save the day one day so rainmakers of china struggling to cope with country's severe drought so china's weather modifying program is straining to meet demand to alleviate the worst drought for more than one hundred years so here's china who spends more than any other nation on earth were for weather modification to try to you know put water where. the modification system so every single source of cooking and try to crack it open as you're
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a putz you can modify the weather ok arrogant chinese people looking strong with you can add ten to fifteen percent more rainfall in an area that receives a one spot it's called the well yes. but you know this the drought in china is caused by twofold technologies and speculation because it's caused by the wild money printing and and while speculative economies be created but it also is caused by the downs which if you ordered water you know to produce energy and it's also diverts water away from the river to the themselves are made with a really poor quality chinese dry wall thereby anyone living in the shadow of a dam you've got a lot of sweat that's just speculation what speculation i am bad but in china at the moment this is the truth is made up. are i was going to for this one because reports most as you're going to show well max and i hope our little lesson to wall street removes some of the battlement from them i hope i have some about but isn't
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the lifted until next time this is maximizer and stacey herbert saying.
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